Green Building



Green Building is of paramount interest to those of us at Snake River Builders.  It is a series of goals and decisions that take into account the site to be built on, building materials and systems, water and energy use, and the indoor environmental quality of a building. It covers the project from start to finish, and beyond. Green Building is another way to say we are in need of building structures that are more efficient in resource to build and use, cost less to operate and maintain and are healthier for the occupants, the community and our world.

We achieve this goal strategically in a number ways:

  • Smart program development and good design
  • Co-operative multi-discipline planning
  • Encourage a willingness to think “big picture” among the core team, and commit early to the goals agreed upon

Tactical solutions include:

  • Efficient heating and cooling systems
  • Quality window and door packages
  • Blower door tests
  • Employing “Advanced Framing”  when appropriate
  • Maximizing natural light and using LED lighting fixtures
  • Insulation material options
  • Installing heat-recovery-ventilators (HRV)
  • Using recycled wood and materials
  • Environmentally friendly paints and stains
  • And a host of other options

Snake River Builders have been applying the principles of Green Building for many years and continue to use whatever strategies we can on each project.  Much of that agenda is driven by the Owners and the Architect.  In order to advise on technical and budgetary issues, we recommend engaging a Builder early in the planning stages - see The Process. Building science is an evolving discipline and an art, and we continue our education by monitoring the latest developments in this exciting field.  

For further information, please refer to the US Green Building Council website


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