The Process



Snake River Builders (SRB) has had many years to learn and improve on what works best in getting building projects completed. We have learned that there are four distinct components to a successful project, each with its own character:


Pre-Construction Planning
Assembling a professional team built for success starts here. We strongly recommend that SRB be engaged prior to, or at the same time as, the Architect/Designer in order to begin the process as collaborators. This allows the core team a chance to understand the goals of the project, ask questions of the Owner and of each other and develop a working relationship based on excellent communication. For more reasons to hire a general contractor, please click to read this article.

Advantages for the Owner of this pre-construction phase include:

  • Advice on the compatibility between your building goals, the design being considered, and  the financial commitment that would be required to meet those goals
  • The ability to offer “price planning” options in response to the previous item  
  • Developing an accurate preliminary budget and cost estimate
  • Providing information and recommendations on building systems related to site specific and local climate conditions
  • Compiling a realistic project schedule
  • Order items that need long lead times for delivery
  • Receive key design input from various engineers, professionals, and key trade partners
  • Identify issues to facilitate rapid approval and building permits

Though all phases are important, this one is the most critical for the success of the project. The length of time needed for this phase varies with the project, but allow approximately 6 months.


On-Site Construction
This is the part we have all been waiting for. We get to put our shovel in the ground, our hands on some materials, and we start to build!

Again, the key to this phase is frequent and scheduled communication. As much as we hope to plan for all possibilities in the price planning phase, we have learned that not all planning is perfect. 

Success in this phase of the project employs a variety of tools. They include:

  • Insisting on the highest quality standards for custom residential construction
  • Keeping a job log on site
  • Detailed monthly reports to the Owner and Architect/Designer
  • Realistically maintained construction schedules
  • Provide thorough accounting and be available to address any questions that the Owner may have
  • Provide weekly photo updates via our secure location on this website set up for the Owner’s use only
  • Scheduled meetings in person or by phone with core team members as required
  • Change Order management that emphasizes the best value for the Owner
  • Hands-on testing of all systems prior to completion

The length of time needed for this phase varies widely. It is dependent on the type and scope of the project.


This phase is important in order to finalize the project as a success for all involved.
Snake River Builders delivers a number of services to guarantee your approval. They include:

  • A binder of owners and operating manuals for all systems employed in the structure
  • A digital photo album of the project history, including key mechanical systems prior to being covered up
  • Professional cleaning of the entire building
  • A one month and a six month “check-up” to see how the building is performing, and to see if we can be of any help to you
  • A twelve month warranty on all components of the building

We also offer a number of other services, from recommending lawn care professionals to caretaking to maintenance of your new home.


Quality Management
Quality in any endeavor is a mind-set that starts at the beginning.  We try to make it a cornerstone of the reason why Snake River Builders exists, and it is essential in all of the phases described above.

Some of the things we do to deliver quality to every project include:

  • Planning and research before construction to utilize the highest quality products and materials for our local climate  
  • Quality management meetings held frequently with all trade partners and craftsmen;
  • Insisting on a clean and organized job site
  • Careful  testing of systems is performed to ensure correct operation before move in
  • Training the Owner to operate their new home and its systems
  • Managing  the local building inspections  
  • Promote a commitment to a preventative program to assure everyone’s safety on the  project site
  • Encourage further education for employees to keep SRB current in building sciences and other fields of knowledge

Quality is the essential property of excellence that has defined cherished buildings through the ages. We aspire to bring that quality to your building project in the near future.





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